Photograph Claiming To Show “Violent Anti-Trump Protest” In U.S. Was Actually Taken In Greece In 2012


Many Trump supporters are falsely claiming the photograph below shows a violent anti-Trump protest in the United States in November 2016, just after Trump won the presidential election.

According to Snopes, an image macro intended to symbolize violent anti-Trump protests taking place in parts in the United States was widely circulated on social media shortly after the Republican candidate won the 2016 presidential election on 8 November 2016:

trump protests

This image is misleading because it was not taken in the United States, does not date from November 2016, and does not capture any protest related to Donald Trump.

Snopes says this photograph was taken on February 12, 2012 and captured an economic protest in Greece in which “Protesters hurled rocks at police during a violent anti-austerity demonstration in central Athens.”

Although this image is not connected to Donald Trump or the United States, a number of anti-Trump protests did take place in the U.S. following the 2016 presidential election. The vast majority of the people did remain peaceful, but some turned their frustrations into violence:

From New York to Illinois to California, in red states as well as blue, protesters decrying Donald Trump’s election spent another night overtaking highways, smashing store windows, igniting fires and in at least one city, facing pepper spray and rubber projectiles from police trying to clear the streets.

Officers began physically pushing back against the crowd that at times threw objects at them, making 26 arrests and using flash-bang devices and types of smoke or tear gas to force people to disperse.

See the video showing an actual anti-Trump protest in the United States:

Do not be deceived by the anti-anti-Trump propaganda. Always check the the information before believing it. Trump’s supporters will go to great lengths to deceive and try to discredit his opponents.

(Article by Jeremiah Jones)



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