Native Standing Rock Protester’s Retina Severed After Cops Shot Her In The Face With Tear Gas Canister

The severity of the injury

An ambulance took Dundon to the hospital. What followed was an unexpected onslaught of hospitals. Finally, Dundon was told that her retina had been severed in her right eye. She received stitches above her right eye and was told she needed to see a retinal specialist.

Today Dundon is on her way to Minneapolis to see a retinal specialist. TDH sat and spoke with Dundon, and she said she had not realized how serious the injury was. When we spoke with her, she could not see out of her right eye at all, but doctors had been “sugar-coating” the seriousness of the injury.

The last doctor that Dundon saw was brutally honest with her. He told her that there is a very real chance that she will never be able to see out of her right eye again. If the specialist is not able to reattach her retina, then she will never see out of her eye again. Even if the doctor does reattach her retina, her vision in her right eye will most likely be impaired for the rest of her life.

Dundon told TDH that not only was she hit in the eye with a tear gas canister but that the officer that fired it did not fire it up in the air. Instead, he fired it directly at her.

The October raid on North Camp

Dundon finds that to be one of the most disturbing parts. She has been on the frontline with these same officers day after day for months. They know who she is and she knows who they are. Dundon told TDH that she could not understand why they would do that to her because she has never done anything to them.

Dundon was also one of the many people that lost all of their possessions when law enforcement performed a raid in October that resulted in at least 141 arrests at the “North Camp.”

After the raid, people were not allowed to go back up Highway 1806 to retrieve their possessions. Dozens of people had reported when law enforcement finally did give back the possessions; they were reportedly dumped in one area, damaged, and soaked in what appeared to be urine, and ammonia.


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