Police SHOOT at and Arrest Native American Standing Rock Protesters, During Dec. 27, 2016 Prayer


In breaking news, Standing Rock Water Protectors have gathered for prayer on Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016, only to face police opening fire on them and arresting at least four.

Johnny Dangers reports the following:

“Water Protectors peacefully gathered on the Barricaded Bridge. Humvees and many police vehicles waiting closely behind. Five, less than lethal rounds fired.
Water Protectors have now left the bridge.

“Earlier today: Water Protectors are in a Prayer Circle at the top of Turtle Island and are at the Constantina wire with massive police mobilization close behind! Water Cannons drove out but turned around. Police armed with less than lethal weapons.

“2 pm today: Police Arrest and Violate the Religious Freedoms of 4 Peaceful Water Protectors Praying by the Mni Wiconi on a Peaceful Prayer Walk! Share Everywhere!
Praying peacefully is a right all people have!
Police mobilizing 5+ Humvees and massive presence!

“Confirmed Arrested are Tawasi, Liotta, Likely Justin in a Santa Suit and one Peaceful Warrior. Call the Jail at 701-667-3318 and demand they release Peaceful Protectors who were praying. Let us know what they say! Share to spread the word and help to get them released!”

More than 1,000 people have survived in the big camp, Oceti Sakowin, through the blizzards, with more at Sacred Stones Camp and other camps near Standing Rock Indian Nation.

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Watch the video below from Isaiah Pogue

(Article by M. David; h/t to Isaiah PogueJohnny Dangers, Johnny K. Dangers and B. Norrell)


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