How American History Erases Mass Killings Against Native Americans

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When the media speaks of a mass killing in the United States as being the worst in our history but forget about other historical mass killings is a part to erase Native American genocide.

Ever since Columbus reached the indigenous people of the Caribbean in 1492, an era of colonization and exploitation of the indigenous inhabitants for economic purposes.

Contained in the journals of Columbus’ and his men are atrocities far beyond the comprehension of humans.

These so-called civilized people chopped up the bodies of Natives people and fed them to their hunting dogs, Kidnapped and sold pre-teen girls in the sex trade, enslavement and seeing if one could slice through a Native with one stroke.

In the Island nations that Columbus conquered it is estimated that 3-5 million Indigenous people had disappeared due to illness and the brutality of their tactics.

Later, the campaign against Native people proceeded and spread throughout the western hemisphere.

The resulting slaughter led by the so-called civilized Europeans was in the number of 100 million. In North America alone, it is estimated the 20-50 million people were lost in the brutal campaigns of Europeans in the Americas.

The erasure of Native American genocide from the Classrooms and popular culture serves to erase the distasteful memory for the collective mind space.

If you can make people forget, it’s as if you’re absolved of the crime. Post any mass shooting in the United States it is common to read headlines such as “Worst Shooting in US History”. The worst mass shooting takes place against a forgotten people and using that language serves to perpetuate American forgetfulness of its history.

Below is a small list of some of the worst mass killing in Northern America:1539 Napituca Massacre:

1541-42 Tiguex Massacres: 250 killed

1599 Acoma Massacre: 800 killed

1601 Sandia Mountains Tompiro Indians massacre: 900 killed

1623 Pamunkey Peace Talks: the English poison wine at peace talks with Powhatan 250 killed

1637 Mystic Massacre: colonist set fire to Pequot village 600-700 killed

1644 Pound Ridge Massacre: Lenape village burned by colonist 500 killed

1675 Great Swamp Massacre: Narragansett village attacked 340 killed

1676 Massacre at Occoneechee Island: Nathaniel Bacon turns on Occaneechi allies 100 killed

1676 Turner Falls Massacre: Indian fishing camp 100 killed

1676 Rhode Island: militia attacks band of Narragansetts 126 killed

1689 Zia Pueblo: Governor of New Mexico orders attack on Pueblos 600 killed

1704 Apalachee Massacre: Former Governor of
Florida orders attack on Apalachee 1,000 killed 2,000 enslaved

1712 Massacre at Fort Narhantes: North Carolina Militia attacks Tuscarora village 300 killed

1712 Fox Indian Massacre: French Troops attack Fox Indian village 1,000 killed

1713 Fort Neoheroka: Militia attacks Tuscarora village 1,100-1,200 killed

1730 Massacre at Fox Fort: French Troops attack Fox Indian village 500 killed

1747 Chama River Massacre: Spanish Troops attack Ute village 100 killed

1774 Spanish Peaks: Spanish Troops attack Comanche village 300 killed

1782 Gnadenhutten Massacre: Pennsylvania militiamen attack Lenape village 100 killed.


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