Watch What She Burns Bay Leaves For hese 3 Amazing Health Benefits



Bay leaves have been known to lower blood pressure and heart rate when ingested. They have been used for centuries as a sedative and an anti-inflammatory medication. Many cultures believe that bay leaves have magical properties.

Yes, you read it right!

Nowadays, bay leaf is used in agriculture as a tree or formally formed hedge, in cookery as a spice (bay leaf is added into soups, stews etc., because of its special aroma, but it shouldn’t be eaten, but thrown out of the meal after it’s cooked) and in folk medicine like a healing plant.

Its most important healing properties are ethereal and fatty oils out of the berries and leaves and the active matters mostly contain pinene and cineole.

Bay leaf enriches the antioxidant potential of food, which contributes to the strengthening of your immunity, protects from bad effects of the free radicals, heals wounds and protects from viruses.

There are significant amounts of vitamin A present in bay leaf and it contributes to better eyesight, maintains and protects the mucous membrane and the skin, helps in decreasing the risk of lung cancer and cancer of the mouth cavity.

Bay leaf’s recognizable smell comes from the volatiles which have a healing effect on your digestive system and alleviate the digestive problems.

Bay leaf tea stimulates your appetite and digestion, helps in calming the sickness, reduces ulcers, cramps and flatulence.


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