Dandelion Cures Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver, Kidneys, Stomach … Here’s How To Prepare


Prepare Dandelion to cure everything from Stomach to Cancer 

Dandelion has been known to have a healing cause for a long time. Its use varies from all sides of the medicine. It’s helpful to pregnant women and women in menopause; it can also be used against allergies, low cholesterol, in case of detoxification of the liver as well as to stimulate bile production.
Most parts of it can be used for medicine or any form of healing, from tea to food. Dandelion flowers can be used for syrup which will help relieve a cough, improve digestion and purify the blood.

The leaves are used for more dieting purposes, like in a salad or with eggs or potatoes, because they are rich in vitamins. The stem of the dandelion has the most medicinal use, for stomach issues, gallbladder function, regulating the metabolism and purifying the blood as well as treat diabetes.
It is important as well to know where and when to pick dandelion. The best time is in the start of April in spring and you should harvest the roots from places away from pollution.


It has been acknowledged as very helpful and medicinal even in today’s medicine and knowing its benefits will only help you use it better and treat whatever the need.
The important thing is to peel and cut the roots and then let them dry on a fresh air for two weeks. They will be done when they feel crisp on touch.


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  1. Just got my dandelion seeds from “Seeds from Italy.” Gorgeous packets. Dandelions are tender and when eaten with chopped hard boiled eggs, e v olive oil ( some of the best comes from California) and balsamic vinegar, you won’t have to walk. Your body will run all by itself!!! Loaded with nutrients!!!!!

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