He Burns Coffee Grounds In His Backyard. The Reason Why Is Genius!

Easy! Take your used or fresh coffee grounds, put them in a bowl and cover it with aluminum foil. Leave this bowl in a dark, cool place and let the grounds dry totally.

hen, position the grounds (either in a bowl or on a sheet of foil) on a flat location outdoors and burn them like you would incense. If you’re indoors and attempting to keep mosquitos out, open your windows. If you’re utilizing this method at an outdoor event, simply leave the bowl burning in a central location.
Still too lots of mosquitos pestering you? Add some fresh bay leaf to the coffee premises and burn them together.
If it’s a windy day or the area you’re attempting to de-bug is huge, you might want to put as many as 5 of these burning bowls around to make sure the area is well covered.
And that’s it! How cool is that? It’s green, low-cost, and you don’t need to spray all sorts of chemicals on yourself or your kids.
Want to see the trick in action? have a look at the video below:


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