Lions Attack Buffalo Meters From Tourists – VIDEO

Lions, tigers, buffalos and more, these animals are usually kept in a contained area so that they do not attack any humans.

But when you go to a National Park in South Africa, the animals roam free while the humans hide safely away in their vehicles.
Tourists visiting the Mantimahle Waterhole in the Kruger National Park in South Africa got to see an interaction between predator versus prey, right before their own eyes.

Fortunately for us, a tourist managed to catch the incredible event all on their camera! The video starts off with two buffalos attempting to run away from a lion.

One manages to flee successfully, but the other one becomes lion chow. The predator leaps on to the buffalo and manages to take him down.

Once the prey is lying on its side, a few more lions make its way toward the wounded animal and begin to feast.
As the pride of lions are having their dinner, one of them decides to stray away from the pack. What it does will leave your jaw on the floor.


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