THIS Sickening Reason Is Why You Should NEVER Buy Food From Jimmy John’s Again!


Source: David Wolfe

Many people are claiming they’ll never eat at Jimmy John’s restaurant again after photos surfaced that show the company’s owner posing with animals killed on various trophy hunting expeditions.

Full disclosure, what you’re about to see might be disturbing.

Business Insider reports that Jimmy John Liataud has visited Africa several times to take part in big game hunting. Animals he’s hunted include elephants, zebras, leopards and rhinos.

Here, you can see Liataud posing with what Real Farmacy says is a ‘gravely endangered’ black rhino. The license Mr. Liataud purchased to kill the beast reportedly cost $350,000.

All those sandwich sales really add up!

In this image, you can see Liataud posing with an elephant.


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