She Put Cabbage Leaves On Her Knee At Night – See The Next Morning Result

She Put Cabbage Leaves On Her Knee At Night – See The Next Morning Result

Despite its reputation for being a source of natural gas for some people, cabbage has many health benefits extending to all varieties of this leafy veggie.

Various studies have shown that cabbage may reduce the risk of developing an assortment of ailments, from diabetes to heart disease.The wonders of cabbage extend beyond possible preventative uses to include some practical applications for things like minor wounds and digestion.

Pain Relief

Cabbage leaves can be used to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. A University of Missouri study found a connection between apigenin, a flavonoid found in cabbage that has anti-inflammatory properties. For minor sources of pain, a compress can be made from cabbage leaves as follows:

• Wash and dry a few cabbage leaves.
• Apply the clean, dry leaves to the affected or painful area.
• Hold the leaves in place with either a bandage or an adhesive plaster.
• Leave the cabbage leaves in place overnight.
• Change the compress daily.

Note: Any type of cabbage leaves can be used, although red ones tend to be more effective.

Reducing Heart Disease Risk

Anthocyanin, a water-soluble pigment in red cabbage, has been linked to a reduction in inflammation. Elevated polyphenol levels in cabbage have also been associated with a reduction in blood pressure that can help maintain heart health. For heart disease prevention, consider:

• Keeping cabbage as close to raw as possible to preserve nutrients
• Using cabbage in salads instead of lettuce
• Taking 2 tablespoons of cooked cabbage a day
• Drinking 1 cup of cabbage juice daily/Source

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