THE NIECE OF THE ORACLE: I know That “Baba Vanga” Talked to Demons!

THE NIECE OF THE ORACLE I know That “Baba Vanga” Talked to Demons!

Kasimira Stoyanova in her book, “The Truth about Vanga” noted Vanga’s words: That wasn’t me, that were the others, who are everywhere around me.

You can find confirmations for this claim in the book of Kasimira Stoyanova, who was Vanga’s niece, where examples can be found of the Bulgarian oracle’s immediate contact with demons.

Excerpt from Kasimira’s book:

I remember the day when I turned 16. I remember because that night at our house in Petrich Vanga suddenly started speaking to me.

It was no longer her, as I heard the voice of an entirely different person: “You are under our close watch”, it said and then told me everything I did during the day. I was speechless.

Then I asked my aunt: “Why did you tell me all of this? Vanga was confused: “I didn’t tell you anything”.

But, when I told her what I heard from her, she just responded silently: “That wasn’t me, that was the others around me. I call some them “minor forces” and they were the ones who told me what you did during the day, but there are also “major forces”.

When they speak to me, that is through me, I lose a lot of energy, start feeling sick and then I feel extremely tired.”

As you can see from this excerpt, Vanga’s revelations were nothing else but the work of demonic possesions.

Here’s one more example from the book that confirms Vanga’s contact with the demons:

“When discovering the tragedies that await, my poor aunt would start to become pale, faint, and speak in scrambled sentences, while her voice had nothing in common with her regular and normal voice during those moments.

The voice is stronger in those moment and her vocabulary differs from the words Vanga would use every day.


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