THE NIECE OF THE ORACLE: I know That “Baba Vanga” Talked to Demons!

It’s almost like some force was settling in her and telling her about the fate that is to come. She called them “major forces” or “major spirit”, but I think there’s no need to exemplify who was the “major spirit” she was referring to.

Lately, there have been many speculations that the Bulgarian Orthodox Church was to announce Vanga’s sainthood. That information is not true.

“The Bulgarian Ortodox Church doesn’t plan to canonize Vanga. At least I’ve never heard of something like that within our church.

If there is such an idea, I presume that it’s the work of some people who are fans of her cult. It’s also true that she, with her own means, built a temple who was painted by one of the greatest Bulgarian artists.

However, as the artist was working for the first time on a temple, it turned out to be a horrible experience, in the literal sense of the word” – says Vasiliy Shagan, the hegumen of the “St. Archangel Michael” in the Bulgaria.


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