He Drank This Drink Every Day And Lived 152 Years!


It is thought that Norwegian girls are beautiful because they drink this beverage but it is also recommended by Honorable Dr. Paavo Ariola if you want to be healthy and have a long life.

The old Thomas Parr was an English peasant who lived for 152 years and he was drinking whey every day of his life.

Properties and health benefits of whey

This drink can be consumed from the day you are born until old age. It is very similar to breast milk so newborn babies can drink it as well.

Completely natural whey is made of 1 percent protein and over 93 percent water. Its main ingredients are: iron, manganese, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, cobalt, potassium, copper, vitamins and magnesium.

The best thing about whey is that in 100 grams of whey there are 26 calories which makes it a great choice for people who want to lose weight.

Healthiest drink for damaged liver

Healthy liver is very important for overall body health. This beverage is known as effective remedy for cleaning the liver of toxins. That is why is recommended for people who suffer from liver disease. It is rich in beta-lactoglobulin which supplies the body with amino acids known as BCAA. These amino acids are proven to help even with progressed liver disease.

Experts claim that people who suffer from cirrhosis should take supplements with BCAA.

Whey also contains Alpha-lactalbumin, which contains essential amino acid tryptophan. This amino acid is proven to help against insomnia and bad mood.


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