She Makes a Simple Mistake Which Was Fatal – A Mother Kills All Of Her Children With Breakfast



In countries such as Mexico, the moms love preparing the food for their children, because they consider it to be the healthiest food choice, and they also would not like their children to consume canned foods. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and this is all confirmed by a recent tragic experience by a Mexican mother.

Josefina, who was a mother of two, she woke up pretty early one day and decided to go to the market to get some food for her and her family.

She decided to prepare a very healthy breakfast for her children. Her little children, Agustin (8) and Maria (6) did not want to eat any junk food at school.

This is why Josefina decided to prepare egg and ham tortillas with fresh orange juice and the breakfast would be ready to be served.

When the children woke up, she sent them to the bathroom for a bath, because she was following the strict rules of her grandmother, who always said that no one should sit on the table and eat food without previously washing their hands.

While Josefina as preparing the table her daughter came up to her and told her that her big brother did not want to get out of the bathroom.

She asked for him, he went out of the bathroom, sat on the table, and then the daughter went in to wash herself. At the exact same time, Josefina got a text from her husband, but she took some time to reply to it while her daughter was in the bathroom. When she texted her husband back, Josefina called for Maria again, to get out of the bathroom.


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