She Makes a Simple Mistake Which Was Fatal – A Mother Kills All Of Her Children With Breakfast

While she was preparing the table, Josefina got several messages from her husband, and she succeeded in replying to all of them.

They ate very well and she dropped them off in school by 7.45. Josefina got home, and all was well, but after only two hours she received some shocking news!

She got a text message saying that both of her children are on their way to the hospital. She immediately started to panic! She froze!

She did not know what happened to them! Josefina could swear on her life that everything was good just a couple of hours ago. She called her husband and they both together rushed to the hospital.

When they got there, the doctors told them that there is nothing they can do – there is a bacteria inside the bodies of their children called salmonella which is out of their control and working its way in every part of their bodies. This is a type of bacteria which is present in many foods, and is now present in the bodies of their children and is destroying their organs!

Josefina was shocked! She could not believe what was happening. She could not believe that her children were suddenly so sick. She fainted and needed to be sedated immediately, and all the while, her husband was praying to God for his family to survive.

After the tests the doctors conducted, it was obvious that the bacteria was present in the food which Josefina prepared for her children for breakfast.


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