She Makes a Simple Mistake Which Was Fatal – A Mother Kills All Of Her Children With Breakfast

After talking to the doctors, Josefina revealed that she was touching her phone while preparing the food, which was probably the cause of the bacteria being transferred to the food.

The phones we use are filled with all kinds of bacteria, which could end up in the food we consume, leading to catastrophic consequences!

This is something that broke Josefina’s soul – no parent should ever see their children suffer, and even less, be the cause of that suffering. She sat right next to their beds, begging for forgiveness and for all to be well again.

At that same moment, Maria’s hand opened up and Josefina heard the flat line sound that was coming from the machine.

Within only minutes after Maria, Agustin died as well. Josefina was reaching out for her children, all in tears, shouting, but they were already gone.

The doctors did everything that was in their power, but unfortunately, it was not enough to save these little children.

Nowadays, Josefina is using her experience to help other people – you should never touch your phone while preparing the food you’re about to eat. This can lead to all sorts of infections, have fatal consequences and she is urging others not to live through the same thing as she did. source

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