He Always Sprinkles Cinnamon In The Garden – This Trick Solves So Many Problems


We use it to spice our home-baked apple pies, dust our morning maple waffles, and flavor our snickerdoodle cookies – cinnamon, glorious cinnamon!

And, in addition to the delicious taste, the long list of health benefits that coincide with this powerful spice are quite impressive as well.

Be sure to stock up on this sensational spice- because cinnamon isn’t just good for you – it works wonders in your garden as well! From getting rid of pests to healing your plants’ wounds, you’ll be amazed at all of the ways you can use cinnamon literally outside of the kitchen.

If you’re ready to grow a better garden – these brilliant cinnamon tips will surely give it a kick!

Got Cuttings?

If you’ve got cuttings, and you are looking to plant them – think cinnamon! Before submerging the cuttings into the earth, give them a better chance at growth by providing a layer of “protection” first. Simply wet the cut end of the plant with clean water, and then give it a roll (in cinnamon, of course). Viola, ready to plant!

During the rooting process, this super spice will work to prevent disease and infection in your cuttings.


Marching Two By Two


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