He Always Sprinkles Cinnamon In The Garden – This Trick Solves So Many Problems

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Honor Your Orchids

While orchids are delicate, unique, and extremely beautiful flowers – they certainly require precise care. Did you know that applying cinnamon to these precious plants can heal wounds and infections, balance moisture difficulties, and treat crown and stem rot? This super spice truly has the ability to “do it all!”

However, if used incorrectly, cinnamon can actually become a danger to your orchids – so it’s important that you follow detailed instructions to make sure you cause your orchids no harm…

Watch the video below to learn how to use cinnamon properly with orchids.

Store-bought fix-alls often come with harmful chemical additives, and can be quite pricey as well. Cinnamon is natural, inexpensive, effective, and comes with a laundry list of health benefits – for you, and for your plants. Share these helpful hints with your friends and family – and encourage the use of this powerful powder!

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