Her Last Post On Facebook Caused This Accident – Her Last Words Are Heartwrenching


Courtney Sanford was driving her Toyota Corolla to work while the hit song “Happy” was playing on the radio. Courtney decided to snap a “selfie” with her phone to share the moment on Facebook.


Texting While Driving

Regrettably, Courtney did not pull over to take the picture. While still driving, she opened her phone’s photo application, framed the shot, smiled, snapped the photo, and then posted it to Facebook. While Courtney was submitting her post, her car veered across the center median into oncoming traffic traveling at 45 miles per hour.


Tragedy From Distraction

Courtney’s Corolla collided with a 24,000 pound recycling truck, the car left the road, impacted a tree and burst into flames.



Heartache For Her Family

Courtney was killed instantly. She worked in the healthcare industry and was a college graduate with two degrees. Four days after the crash her parents, grandmother, and her two brothers laid her to rest. Courtney was 32 years old.

Posted Selfie

Courtney posted her selfie to Facebook that fateful day at 8:33 AM. Police and Fire crews received the first 911 call one minute later, at 8:34 AM.

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