Her Last Post On Facebook Caused This Accident – Her Last Words Are Heartwrenching

Cell Phone Retrieved

At the scene of the accident Courtney’s cell phone was retrieved from the wreckage with her Facebook post still on the screen. Her last words were “The happy song makes me HAPPY.”


Screenshot via YouTube

Dangers Of Texting While Driving

When discussing the accident with the media, Police Lieutenant Chris Weisner made the grim comparison between Courtney’s accident and the many public service advertisements aired to warn against the dangers of texting while driving.


Ads Warn Of Texting And Driving

Lieutenant Weisner said, “We’ve all seen these graphic advertisements on TV, this was real life.”


Unfortunate Tragedy

The story of Courtney’s accident and its unfortunate cause has been widely reported on television, in newspapers, and online. It is one of many similar stories that happen all too frequently.

Prime Of Her Life

Courtney was a young, attractive woman in the prime of her life. Her death is made all the more tragic because it was so totally preventable.


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