What Happens When You Put Salt in Your Coffee

When you’re getting ready to scramble your eggs, add a sprinkle of salt. As it does with meat, salt breaks down the proteins in eggs, making it so that the protein and the egg can’t form too tight of a bond. This will keep your eggs tender and prevent them to getting dry. Try a 1/4 of a tsp. so things don’t get TOO salty

Truthfully, this is only the start of ways you can use salt in your day-to-day life! Not all of these uses even involve the kitchen; salt has a long reach in your life, as it turns out.

In the kitchen, salt can eliminate fish odors, the smells off of cutting boards, prevent mold on food, keep milk fresh, and assist in peeling eggs. As far as cleaning goes, salt can help to break down grease and grim off of pots, pans, and cups! You can even remove soot and rust stains off various parts of your decor using essentially only salt.

For personal use, try incorporating salt into your pedicure routine! Adding salt to your foot soak helps exfoliate the old layers of skin off your feet and leaves them soft to the touch. You can even use the magic of salt to help heal bee stings. Is there anything salt can’t do?

Do you have a creative use for salt in your home or in your kitchen? Share your salty hacks in the comments section below.

source: http://tiphero.com/uses-for-salt/

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