Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Cures CANCER! – VIDEO



With an increase in the number of people that are coming down with cancer worldwide and the seeming failure of conventional medical treatment to provide a holistic cure and solution to a large number of cancer types, there has been an upsurge in the demand for alternative treatment by patients who know that their life is on the line and basically have nothing to lose since they have literally been given a death sentence by their doctors.

It therefore becomes really worrisome when the public medical institutions saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the good health of their citizens deliberately keep potentially life changing information from the general public.

It is now common knowledge that the American Medical Association, Food and Drug Administration and American Cancer Society are in league to deny the American public access to remedies that have been proven to effectively combat cancer.

These institutions have used strong-arm tactics to suppress both the information and those individuals that can provide the remedy and have been beneficiaries of the alternative remedies.

They go as far as prosecuting and doctor that makes any claim of having a cure outside their control and regulation.

They also disrupt public seminars and meetings as well as confiscate any written or audio-visual work that can enlighten the general public on possible alternative cures for their various ailments.

The Case Of The Woman That Fought Cancer With Vitamin B17


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