Minnesota Cop Punches Handcuffed Native American 14-Year-Old Girl in the Face, Then Claims Self-Defense

Peter Wold, Soucheray’s attorney, stated his client’s actions don’t stem from anger issues. Instead, the attorney said, the punches were an appropriate use of force, blaming the political environment for the charges against officer Soucheray.

Soucheray’s arrest occurred not long after another controversial claim of self-defense, which resulted in 2nd degree manslaughter charges being brought against St. Paul cop Jeronimo Yanez, who was arrested for unnecessarily shooting Philando Castile, 32, during a traffic stop about 70 miles away from St. Paul, reported PINAC.

“No reasonable officer knowing, seeing and hearing what Officer Yanez did at the time would have used deadly force under these circumstances,” the Ramsey County attorney John Choi during a St. Paul press conference.

“I have given Officer Yanez every benefit of the doubt on his use of deadly force, but I cannot allow the death of a motorist who was lawfully carrying a firearm under these facts and circumstances to go unaccounted for.”

St. Paul police have video from the incident, but refuse to release it stating it is part of the criminal investigation against officer Soucheray, who has been disciplined three times for two preventable car crashes and for not showing to a court date.

You can contact the St. Paul PD to let them know what you think of their officer beating a handcuffed 14 year old girl.

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